After laying prostrate on a black rug in my family room, crying out to God, He healed me from anxiety attacks but not depression. The enemy must have known God was up to something with me (by the words spoken into the atmosphere over my life), as only God is All-Knowing! He knew God could take me places he was incapable of; his only plan was to lead me to a life of destruction with depression, But God!

Excerpt from: A Soldier’s Story: Strength Despite Adversity

Psalm 34:17, NIV states, “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them: he delivers them from their troubles.

I had to lean on the Word of God to encourage me in the midst of depression. My petition to the Lord was for joy, peace, understanding, and most importantly, healing. As I begin to seek the Lord even the more He began to answer my prayer.